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We are Team Miles

We are raising money for Miles, who is 14 and was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) to fund future treatment and prosthetics.

We are raising money for Miles, who is 14 and was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in his left knee in November 2021. That day changed everything for Miles - he is a talented sportsman who plays football for Whitstable Town FC, cricket for Simon Langton Boys School and Whitstable Cricket Club, and played roller hockey for Herne Bay Roller Club from the age of 4. Since his diagnosis, Miles has been unable to participate in any of these things and he is missing going to school and being out and about with his mates.

Over the last six months, Miles has undergone intensive and invasive treatments and surgeries. Due to the aggressive nature of the tumour, the previously planned limb-salvage surgery we were all hoping for was no longer possible.

At the beginning of April, Miles underwent a full amputation of his left leg. In true Miles fashion, he has been impressing the physio every day and is already up and playing darts - but the lasting impacts of this surgery are huge, and Miles still has several rounds of chemotherapy to go through.

In truth, we don't yet know what Miles will need, but we'd like to be able to give him everything and this fund is a great start.

We are raising money to ensure Miles can access whatever treatment, prosthetics, or mobility aides he needs. Because Miles's leg was amputated at the hip, standard prosthetics aren't an option for him, so we are exploring newer prosthetics and want to do everything we can to help him get used to post-surgery, and post-treatment, life.

Please donate what you can. #TeamMiles

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